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Cute, chubby okay very chubby mama had so much milk for just 4 -- sorry the two sisters never even made it on the website but these two boys didn't' get a chance to be adopted before I left on my trip so they are nine weeks just saw the vet yesterday and are ready for families and more FOOD.   Seriously it makes you wonder when mom is 16 to 20 pounds and dad is 11 pounds and the vet thinks I weigh 7 pounds already.  Is it possible?   Anyhow my human mom predicts me 20 to 30 just because I am so large so I may get bigger than my mom and dad.  I also have a really super cute coat that is so soft.   I also really like toys human mom has videoed me playing with my brother and is happy to share them if you have a cell number.

As the videos show these boys are just a great pair so if someone would like to adopt together they would be 2500(cash please) instead of 3000  However I will separate them I am just trying to help someone out.