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Miniature Golden Retrievers quickly became the love of my canine family as they have everything that full sized Goldens have to offer only in a smaller size and healthier body. Most of my Mini Retrievers mature from 20 to 30 pounds as full grown adults.

Our Minis were created using AKC Golden Retrievers and an AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and now our multi generational puppies also contain a percentage of poodle often reducing shedding. Presently, our poodle percentage will range from 0 to 25 percent. All litters will be clearly marked as to if they contain miniature poodle and how high the percentage.

All adult breeding stock is annually screened for health problems prior to breeding. We sell every puppy vet checked with a health certificate and a 5year written health guarantee. All puppies are microchipped unless reserved otherwise.

About the Breed

Miniature Golden Retrievers have been designed to provide a smaller healthier version of their predecessor. Minis range in size from twenty to forty pounds depending on which Spaniel the breeder chooses to include in the mixture. Many breeders are also using a small percentage of miniature poodle to reduce dander and shedding. Mini Goldens are ideal for Americas small living spaces because they still are the sweet gentle and loyal dog that have been our family members for years but are also more portable with fewer health concerns.

Alternative Names For The Breed

  • Teacup Golden Retrievers- What are they? If you see an ad for a Teacup Golden Retriever for sale then chances are you are looking at a breeder specializing in Mini Golden Retrievers. There is no dog named Teacup Golden Retrievers. Teacup is industry jargon that describes a petite or small dog.
  • Comfort Retrievers If you see an ad for Comfort Retrievers for sale this is a synonym for Miniature Golden Retrievers. Since so many people with high anxiety, PTSD,  and other stress disorders look to these dogs for comfort, thus the name Comfort Retrievers.
  • Mini Comfort Retrievers This is referring to miniature golden retrievers, which are known as Comfort Retrievers.
  • Small Golden Retrievers or Miniature Golden Retrievers This is pretty self-explanatory. Golden retrievers that are smaller than normal ones are referring to Mini Golden Retrievers.
  • Golden Cavalier This refers to the breeding process of a Golden retriever and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to create Golden Cavalier Puppies

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