Health Guarantee

curlymalegood3Pet guarantee: Dogs purchased with limited AKC, CPR registration, or no registration are guaranteed for 5 years of life for any genetic defect that would cause the dog to die or live such a poor quality of life a licensed veterinarian would place in writing that the dog needs to be euthanized . This includes heart defects, complete blindness, inability to walk from hip dysplasia or patella luxation, cancer that kills the dog. A licensed veterinarian and a specialist must make all claims. A minimum of two separate evaluations must be submitted to me in writing for a replacement (IF YOU CHOOSE TO KEEP THE PUPPY/DOG YOU ARE NEVER ENTITLED TO ANY FINANICAL COMPENSATION) and an autopsy must be performed in the case of death.

Things not included are allergies of any kind, infectious diseases including kennel cough, cherry eye or third eyelids, pinched nostrils also known as Stenotic nares, freak accidents, suspected mistreatment, hernias of any kind, parasites of any kind, giardia, or coccidia, mange mites of any kind because Revolution and ProMeris prevent these from ever occurring, mild thyroid conditions, mild heart murmurs or irregularities, or other things not in control of Escondido Acres, which includes heat exhaustion.

We offer one replacement puppy per person per lifetime.

 Dogs purchased as breeding stock.
I offer a 2 year guarantee against hip dysplasia CAUSED BY GENETICS NOT INJURY, patella luxation of a grade 3 or higher only, heart murmurs, thyroid conditions, I make NO claims about the following: size, color, bite, height, weight, placement of the animal in the show ring or capabilities of the animal to reproduce as an adult. Guarantee is for sold animal only—potential issues with the sold animal’s offspring are NOT covered. Animals sold with full registration means at time of sale there are no known defects that would prevent an animal from being shown or bred, but no one can guarantee the future. Guarantee is null and void if dog is bred prior to 12 months of age.

Guarantee is for person purchasing the dog only; any transfers of ownership makes the entire health guarantee null and void

Please note NO money will be refunded. This includes medical expenses-- any treatments and expenses you incur from the puppy are completely the buyer’s responsibility. The buyer will be given a replacement animal of the same quality with a different genetic make-up within one year’s time. If no replacement is born in a one year span a financial refund will be issued to the buyer. Or if Laura feels that you can not be happy with a replacement she may choose to offer a refund at her digression but that is her choice not the buyers. In no way will Escondido Acres or Laura Collins ever be liable for more than the purchase price of the puppy. Buyer is responsible for all transportation cost and or pickup of acquiring this replacement puppy.

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