Most Common Questions

rosebudandflowers1. How large? We strive for 20 to 30 pounds for every puppy. Our smallest pups are 15 to 20 pounds and our largest males may reach 40 pounds. Ask if you want something different than 20 to 30 pounds.

2. How tall? About the height of the standard American Cocker Spaniel

3. Shedding how much? F1 sheds slightly less than full sized Golden Retrievers and then after that depending on how high a percent of poodle the dog has will determine the amount of shedding. However, if they have fur that looks exactly like a Golden Retriever they are going to shed some no matter how much poodle is in them. Those puppies take after the Golden Retriever.

4. Suitability—therapy, family companion also know as your best friend, service dogs including seizure alert, and search and rescue. Mini Goldens are suitable for apartment life with daily exercise.

5. Health issues. Goldens Retrievers-- hip dysplasia and cancer. Cavalier Spaniels heart murmurs, epilepsy, patella luxation, eye issues occasionally. Mini poodle tartar build up, patella luxation occasionally patella issues are seen more so in toy poodles than Mini poodles. Health issues are greatly minimized if not eliminated by crossing of the breeds.
Annually we screen every single breeding dog for all of these health issues and have vet references on hand should you desire to see them.

6. I live in another state how can I get one? Most people drive or fly in. I can meet you at the local airport Lynchburg, Virginia and you can carry the puppy back in the cabin and fly home. There are several other options available most of the time. However we do NOT ship puppies under airplanes as cargo.

7. Average cost-- Most of our puppies are priced from $1500 for males to $2000 for females with exceptions for very small or very large puppies that fall outside of the 20 to 30 pound goal weight.

8. Forms of payment accepted. Deposits which are now termed “Boarding and Training agreements” for legal purposes are accepted via credit cards and cash only. Please note puppies are available until the boarding and training agreement and the signed contract are received. Final payment accepted in the same form.

9. Appropriate times to contact me the breeder via phone or text-- 9am to 7pm eastern standard time Monday thru Saturday. Email 24/7 -- 7 days a week. However we try to take the Sabbath off (Sundays) to honor the One that blessed us with these amazing animals and give our bodies a rest.

10. When can I visit Escondido Acres? Monday thru Saturday 10am to 7pm with an appointment giving 24 hours or more notice and after puppies are 4 weeks of age as long as you do not visit any other kennels, breeders, shelters, vet clinics, pet stores on the same day. Please respect that we want to keep all of our puppies healthy.